First Mini Ice Cream in Singapore

11 Jun 2018

The FIRST Mini Ice Cream In Singapore!

The concept is for you to enjoy 3 different flavors in one go! Whilst other customers enjoy the whole set, some can easily share it since you have 3 separate cones as served. You may also do double scoop if you feel like enjoying 6 different flavors in one set.

We also now serve Drinks!
Your favorite Ice Cream flavour turned to Milkshake & Float! We even blend in some tidbits inside and top it up with our very own mini ice cream cone and another topping (Toblerone, Oreo Cookie, Andes mint Chocolate or real Fruits) of your chosen flavor.


Everybody has the right to be happy. And if eating ice cream is one way to achieve that, Cone Island is more than willing to put a joy in your mouth!
Here in Cone Island, yummy does not need to be pricey.