Pirate Birthday Theme Party

29 Nov 2018


Ahoy! Being a “captain of the ship” of your own party may sometimes be very exhausting, especially the preparation up to the execution itself. But the most rewarding part is that when you see all your hard work turned into fun and enjoyment.

Trygve's 1st Birthday Party

Pirate parties are very classic and timeless which is suitable for both girls and boys. Even dressing up is quite easy and fun. Your main colour palette would be Red, Black, and White. You may try to entice your guests to also dress up for the occasion by including into your invites that there will be a price for the “best dressed” guest! Dressed up guests are like your “roving decorations” in the party!


In full costume!


“You may request for them to do a simple fashion show to model their costumes”


Do your cat walk!


You may prepare some simple costumes for your guests. You can buy them online. Buying a bulk will be a great way to get a reasonable discount! This can serve as another giveaway for your lootbags!


ready costumes for your guests

You can set up the place with some little pirate flags in the ceiling to make a festive feel.


Customised cake and cupcakes!